What are the effects of alcohol on women?

Research has shown that the sexual effects of alcohol are different for men and women. This is likely the result of both physical and social differences in the way women’s bodies and men’s bodies react to alcohol and respond sexually.

Not surprisingly, the amount of alcohol consumed has a large impact on whether there will be negative sexual effects of alcohol for women. Most of the research in this area has been with women who are, or were alcoholics. The main effects for these women of alcohol on sexuality are:

  • Reduced sexual arousal
  • Difficulty achieving orgasm, achieving orgasm less frequently
  • Overall lower sexual satisfaction as compared to non-alcoholics
The actual number of alcoholic women who have these difficulties is hard to tell, as researchers numbers vary wildly. Some estimates are as high as 30-40% of alcoholic women having arousal problems, and 15% having difficulty achieving orgasm.

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  1. I seems so worrying to me, women must get rid of alcohol anyhow. If they will know that How long does alcohol stay in your system then they will surely avoid it. Thanks for such great awareness.