4 Ways to Look Younger

Botox isn’t just for sugar mamas: Between 2000 and 2'ber of men undergoing the procedure skyrocketed 258 percent, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
Wrinkly, aged skin is never sexy, but then neither is a frozen face. Even if you don’t have a needle phobia, brotox comes with a hefty price tag and some serious recoup time. So avoid the needles—here are four natural ways to instantly look younger and sharper

Build Your Brows
Neglect your brows and you can wind up looking a helluva lot older than you are. Groom them correctly, and you’re left with an instant lift around your eyes, says Katy Walsh of Salon Pour Hommes in New York City. Remember: “Work with what you have,” recommends Jessica Coba, CEO and cofounder of European Wax Center. “If your brows are naturally straight, stick with that. If they have a bit of an arch, shape it up as best you can.”

The older we get, the less hydrated our skin becomes, says Coba. The consequence: dead skin cells and a dull appearance. Exfoliate to slough away dead skin and leave the area rejuvenated, she says. The ingredient  to look for in an exfoliant: hyaluronic acid. “It holds moisture, and fruit enzymes remove dead skin cells and promote cell turnover

Add Water
Hydrating your skin takes more than slabbing on lotion. Make it a morning and nightly routine to lock in moisture for good. 

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