Spina Bifida on Pregnant Woman

What is spina bifida?

Spina bifida is a birth defect. Most children who have spina bifida do not have problems from it. It occurs when the bones of the spine (vertebrae) do not form properly around part of the baby’s spinal cord. It can affect how the skin on the back looks. And in severe cases, it can make walking or daily activities hard to do without help.

Spina Bifida

Mother-to-be with Spina Bifida what type of delivery should I expect?

The current recommendation is that pregnant women with spina bifida be encouraged to deliver vaginally as women who have vaginal deliveries have fewer complications, faster recovery times and shorter hospital stays.

The type of delivery depends on multiple physical factors, including:sensation level, ability to push with pelvic muscles, size of the pelvis, and flexibility around the hips and knees. The more conducive these factors are to the birthing process, the more likely a vaginal delivery can be performed.

If it appears the baby will not be able to be pushed safely through the pelvic area and down the birth canal, a Cesarean section will be recommended. If a C-section is chosen, the urinary tract should be evaluated for re-implantations, diversions, or conduits to make sure they are avoided during the delivery incision. Women with SB have successfully and safely received epidural anesthesia for their delivery.

Spina Bifida

Because the anatomy of the spine is different, the epidural may need to be placed using ultrasound guidance. There are reports of successful epidurals for most myelomeningocele lesion levels, with or without scoliosis. As with all pregnancy issues in Spina Bifida, monitoring the effects of the epidural is trickier than in usual pregnancies. Therefore, it is best to deliver with an obstetrician and hospital experienced in high-risk pregnancies.

Women delivered by caesarean section have a higher rate of complications, and surgery is often complicated if there has been past urological surgery for spina bifida. The presence of pelvic scarring often makes identification of ureters and other structures difficult

Whether there is an increased risk of birth defects is unknown. another words from what i understand of that comment, it has not be proven in any birth defects of babies with mothers of spina bifida.

For women with Spina Bifida who are not yet pregnant, discussing your medical and surgical history with your SB team and high-risk obstetrician before conceiving can maximize the preparation for a healthy delivery.

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