Depression - How to Fight it

Depression affects an incredible number of individuals world-wide , the fact is, this disorder could be felt by even young individuals these days as a result of a stressful way of living. When depression begins, people’s lives are afflicted since they stop doing their normal regimens.

There are numerous factors that bring about depression such as death of a family member, sudden changes in one’s life, mood-altering medicines, presenting birth, or even seasonal changes. A general symptoms are fatigue, loss of appetite, sleep problems or loss of interest in sex — may seem to be caused by other illnesses, bored, helpless or worthless. They may always want to stay at home, rather than going out to socialize or doing new things.


Depression symptoms may not get better on their own — and depression may get worse if it isn't treated. Untreated depression can lead to other mental and physical health problems or problems in other areas of your life. Feelings of depression can also lead to suicide.

Suicidal thinking or feelings in older adults is a sign of serious depression that should never be taken lightly, especially in men. Of all people with depression, older adult men are at the highest risk of suicide.

If you're reluctant to seek treatment, talk to a friend or loved one, a health care professional, a faith leader, or someone else you trust.If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, get help right away, seek help from your doctor, a mental health provider or other health care professional.

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